Mrsa Vaginal Infections

You've probably heard of MRSA. After all, it has been in the news a great deal these days. MRSA is an acronym which stands for methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus and is a type of staph infection. Staph is a common bacteria that can be found in thirty percent of the population normally. Your doctor can test you for this bacteria by doing a simple nasal swab. MRSA is staph that is resistant to conventional antibiotic treatment. It can occur anywhere on the body, including the vagina. Here's what you should know about MRSA vaginal infections:

The beginning symptoms of MRSA are blister-like bumps that start off looking like pimples and end up as deep abscesses requiring surgical draining. The abscesses can allow bacteria to reach the bloodstream which can be very dangerous. The infection can travel through the blood and infect the vital organs such as the heart and lungs. MRSA pneumonia is a serious complication of this virus which infects the lungs. The best thing you can do is catch the infection before it gets into the bloodstream.

This means looking for skin infections before they become abscessed. Check the vaginal area for strange bumps and if you find any, see your regular doctor and/or your gynecologist immediately. They can swab you for MRSA and if you are diagnosed with this infection you will be treated accordingly. As mentioned earlier, some abscesses require draining. Your doctor may prescribe a very powerful course of antibiotics like docycycline and/or vancomycin for MRSA. Although there are a few strains that are resistant to even these drugs, many cases of MRSA can be cleared up this way. For severe cases, antibiotics may be administered in the hospital via IV. This allows the medicine to go directly to the bloodstream where it will have a faster effect.

Preventing MRSA vaginal infections is a matter of practicing good hygiene and health habits. MRSA can be avoided by regular washing of the body with antibacterial soap. Don't ever use anyone else's towels, razors or other personal care items as MRSA can be spread this way. If you suspect a MRSA infection get medical intervention right away. Catching an infection early is the best way to avoid potentially fatal consequences.

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MRSA News:
Family sues Kmart after grandmother cuts her leg on store shelf and later dies
An 88-year-old woman died at after contracting the antibiotic-resistant infection MRSA when she cut her leg on a shelf at a Kmart store, her family claims in a lawsuit. The now-shuttered Kmart where the alleged incident happened is located in Streator, Ill., about 50 miles southwest of Joliet, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. According to the lawsuit, Dolores Thompson [EURŠ]..

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